Uhuru Book Fair Stage Schedule


MCs Tiffany Murphy and Yejide Orunmila
9:00am Music - Dotmatic
10:00 Welcome to Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market - MCs Tiffany and Yejide
10:15 African Drums - Urban Shaman
10:35 Author Readings
10:40 Revolutionary Poetry - Rasheed Bey
10:50 Jazz Vocalist - Rhenda Fearrington
11:15 Education Resource & Author Reading - Philadelphia Black History Collaborative
11:20 Vocalist - Mel the Artist
11:40 Education Resources
11:45 Live Music - Karen Smith & Friends
12:05 African People’s Socialist Party Keynote Presentation - 
Yejide Orunmila, President of the African National Women’s Organization
12:20 Neosoul & Hip Hop - Rugrat
12:40 Education Resources
12:45 African People’s Solidarity Committee Statement - Halley Murray
12:55 Live Music - Tsuagaido
1:15 Author Reading & Education Resource - Nicole Taylor
1:20 Vocalist - Jiliyah
1:40 Author Readings & Education Resource
1:50 Rap - Ra
2:10 Spoken Word - Eyce Diggi
2:25 African Drums - Saeed Abdul Samad
2:45 Revolutionary Hip Hop - Raw Life Crew
3:05 2018-2019 Philadelphia Poet Laureate - Raquel Salas Rivera
3:20 Vocalist - Jasmine Cassell
3:40 MCs speak on Education
3:50 Poetry - Sabrina Gabrielle
4:00 Rap - Ram Riches
4:20 Author Reading & Education Resource
4:30 Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble
5:00 Thank You to Everyone For Coming!

Join us this Saturday for the One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Book Fair and Flea

 We are thrilled to bring to this years One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Book Fair The Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble​. Founded and directed by Robert and wife Wanda Dickerson in 1984 and co-directed by their oldest son Jamal and wife Ronsha Dickerson, son Nasir Dickerson, daughters Atiya Johnson-Dickerson and Ayanna Dickerson. It has grown to be one of the largest professional African Dance & Drum Ensembles in the U.S.

Come join us on Saturday September 22nd for a day of educational resources, authors, a childrens circle and over 100 marketplace vendors! ALL FREE to the community! Help forward African Self Determination over education with the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund (APEDF)! This will be an event you dont want to miss! Spread the word!

Vendors and volunteers wanted! For more information you can attend our community meeting tonight- Wednesday Sept 19th, 7pm at Uhuru Furniture!


(Below) Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble


Eyce Diggi

With a burning passion for entertainment which was recognized at the tender age of 12. Eyce has invested 15 years of her life pursing her dream through partnerships and currently independently. Eyce has shown that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, even when the conditions do not make the process completely easy. A self-taught music producer/ recording engineer, a poet, self-published author, a writer, and a spoken word artist; she has been able to make a name for herself in all fields she has ventured into. Also known as Eyce Diggi, she has steadily grown into a force to reckon with in the artistic/entertainment circle.

Born in South Philadelphia and raised throughout the city, she lived most of her early years in a low-income community in West Philadelphia. But despite the humble beginnings, Eyce fought through the beliefs that tagged being successful as an impossible task. Society unfortunately teaches children that their dreams and desires are many times hard to accomplish, or reach. She started off her artistic journey with a passion for animation, and as she grew, it developed into poetry and creating music. For the past five years, Eyce has pursued her dreams and invested in music equipment which has not only enabled her to grow drastically in music production, but has also enabled her to have creative control and purse spoken word poetry. She is one part of a production team called Dope Beats Philly. They have created music for the TV show “Stars” on Fox Network and Frankie Darcel’s play, from WDAS, “12 Angry Men”.

Also as a writer and a spoken word artist, Eyce dabbled with lots of fictional pieces before she discovered her passion for writing real-world conscious poetry and being a source of encouragement to herself and others as well. This passion further grew into performing her pieces(materials), which lead her to write her first poetry book in 2016. It was called Soul 7 Poetry 4 The Soul "The Red Diaries." She has performed at various locations and events such as at Ms. Tootsies Cafe, The Apache Cafe in Atlanta and other open mic and showcase events in Philadelphia and New York.

Being very principled and hardworking has gotten Eyce to grow from just believing to actualizing; she also believes that creating meaningful business relationships and partnerships are the key to success. She currently lives in West Philadelphia, PA, where she spends most of her time creating music and writing; as well as encouraging other young artists to believe in themselves.

Meet Eyce and many more authors, singer, and much more at the Uhuru Book Fair Sat. Sept 22 in Clark Park. Check out our PROGRAM section to see our line up!

Join us this Wednesday August 22nd for our August African Self Determination Forum!

Hear statements from our powerful education partner and co-sponsor, Philadelphia Black History Collaborative, hear more about how you can help build for the Uhuru Book Fair and more!