Quotes from the 2016 Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market!

“In this day & age, it’s even more so important to align myself with the issues that have affected my community in the past and present.. So my children will be aware of the struggles that they will have ultimately face being black in America”

- Aliyah R.

“1st Book Fair! A feeling of peace and unity here!”

- Karen T

“Always for supporting the cause. I’m an advocate of literacy and I know there are people who don’t have access to books and want to help in any way I can”

- Topia T, Abiyah Naturals

"I did very well in selling my book at Uhuru Book Fair that I decided to return again this year."

-Harriette Bainéd

"When I was told the Uhuru did things to support African Americans I wanted to be a part of that community. I found that not do they only support my culture but they bring it out for everyone to see the true values of love and family in the black community, not just the negativity you see on TV and the news. We don't come from slavery but from kings and queens. When all races and cultures come together and unite in this country, we will be an unstoppable force in showing how the world should be."

- Andre Redmond, author of "Mother Tree"

"I work with Uhuru because it is one of the few events I feel is about the people. there is a sense of unity and family unlike a lot of other shows. I also feel I can connect with the people in my community that are like ME, and that's important to the growth of my business."

- Shawn Alleyne, Artist

"I am here because I love the message that Uhuru spreads to all people of all walks of life. They believe in equality & justice for all no matter what race. I am honored to partner with Uhuru!"

- Shataya Simms, author of "Living Anonymous"

"I was told about this Book Fair by a friend. I got a better sense of the purpose of the fair when I arrived. I was excited that I was going to a Book Fair, and I became even more excited when I saw how deeply Afrocentric it was. That is always positive and I always like participating in these types of events.It enriches our people and moves our equality forward. It brings joy to my heart to see such deep allyship with Uhuru in a time when obvious racism seems so strong. Through these working events, love and justice will reign supreme."

- Rorie Still, author of "Flashbang"

"My book tells the whole story; embrace your journey to become amazing on purpose. I support Uhuru's effort to empower and uplift the African community."

- DaVita Garfield

"The reason to visit the event is for my assignment at sustainable event"

- Minji Ku

"I enjoy working with Uhuru because I believe what they stand for. Empowering and strengthening the black community thru knowledge and education is vital to our survival as a people."

- Sharai Robbin, author of "Candace Reign"

"The reason why I chose Uhuru is because I wanted to be a part of the Book Fair of this organization."

- Sonya Privette-James, author of "My Father, My Lord, My Everything"

"I am a proud co-sponsor of the Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market because I believe in their vision of black people being in control of their stories. telling your own story is powerful, and we have often been denied that right."

- Ariell Johnson, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

"I am a vendor at the Uhuru Book Fair because it is a lot of fun and a good way to make money!"

- Roy Wilson

"We appreciate the way Uhuru supports the community." <3

"We love partnering with Uhuru because they have supported Heirloom through our growth and we enjoy being in the park to vend."

- Heirloom Bohemian Boutique

"We chose Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market because you meet new people and usually it is a successful venture."

- Rosena Scott, Total Life changes

"Uhuru is doing important community and economic empowerment work, which should be supported."

- SY

"I chose to be a part of Uhuru because it is fun and we can supplement our income."

"I respect the work that Uhuru does for the community supporting African Americans through events like the Book Fairs & Flea Markets."

- Lisa, Lea & Sarah

"It's an opportunity to expose my artwork to the community, support an important cause and to celebrate diversity. All vendors feel like friends."

- Maureen

"I knew that the energy would draw positive like-minded people. I want the children in my community to know about their history."

- Atiyah Nadirah

"I've been at the Uhuru Flea Markets for 20 years! The people are nice and it's great to support the black community."

- Ibrahim

"Freedom is stagnant without liberation which is the active part"

- Haneef
"It's important to share our culture with the younger and older generations."

- Pheonix
"I've been doing the Uhuru Flea Markets for a number of years, I hope they continue on."

- Rasheeda Watson
"We are liberal and want to support humanity. What is important for us is that we are around people who care."

- Ernie
"Been in the neighborhood for 5 years, and want to get the word out about local opportunities to learn about music."

- Rich
"There is a lot of diversity here. I like the vibe."

- Faraji

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