Kt Terry

KT Terry is the former founder of Homeless Not Hopeless Poets For Change, an artistic community service organization that focused on the betterment of the homeless population, youth and women’s issues. KT wears many hats and among them is A certified fitness instructor and Active Older Adult coordinator for the YMCA.

Creatively KT is a playwright, producer, songwriter, actress, poet and motivational speaker. Her first play was “Lost & Found” a gospel play and most recently “Olivia” a drama with a special message to women in which she wrote, produced and directed. She is also a contributing author in the book “For Women” a collection of short stories and poems in honor of Nina Simone’s “Four Women” poem. Her contribution was the short story “Olivia” which started the creation of the play. She travels with the For Women Collective as well. KT was featured on Dr Latisha Webb’s popular blog ON Blast as a writer for three months in 2015.

KT’s first song release was as a writer for Brenda and the Tabulations last recording in 1987 “Don’t Give Up The Love” an up-tempo tune also with a message to women. She was also the background arranger for Edmond Daniels who was an up and coming artists at the time under the guidance of Thaddeus Whales, the former manager of Tavares. She was a prior model for Photo Gems.

Presently KT Terry is concentrating on her upcoming EP “Out Of The Blue”. This EB is a labor of love and was pinned in 1987 as well as recorded but never released. At the time it was produced by Jimmy Hill, with musicians such as Bill Jolly, Donald Robinson and Doug Grisby. The new rendition is being produced by the very talented Richard Tucker, a jazz guitarist and music teacher. The EP will also consist of the song “Attitude” music by Cassius White, a horn player also a music teacher.

Out Of The Blue is also co-produced with all background vocals and background arrangements by KT. Out Of The Blue is a slow ballad that speaks of someone searching for the right person to love and to love her while the song, “Attitude” speaks of a person who will not put up with mistreatment regardless of how much she loves him. The release is due Sunday February 14th 7pm at Rick Watson’s play “A women’s intuition” 2015.

KT Terry is the winner of two awards The “Authentic Servant”, and for organization of the year the “Spirit Of The Dove” award both in 2014. KT received the House of Representatives citation for Community Service in 2011. Future aspirations are to have a successful career in the combination of both recording and play righting with finally turning “Olivia” into a feature film.


Email: vauntee23@gmail.com

Website: thevisionary23.weebly.com

Phone: 267-632-6679

Facebook: KTTerrythevisionary


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