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2017 Performers and Speakers

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

From the day he ripped down the racist mural from the walls of City Hall in St Petersburg, Florida in 1966, Chairman Omali Yeshitela (then known as Joseph Waller) has never stopped fighting for freedom for African people everywhere. Mobilized in his youth by anti-colonial movements around the world and the struggle for black liberation inside the U.S., Yeshitela dedicated his life to uniting and liberating Africa and African people everywhere. Read More...

Penny Hess

Penny Hess is the chairperson of the African People's Solidarity Committee, an organization of white people organizing in solidarity with the movement for the liberation of Africa and African people. APSC works under the leadership of the Uhuru Movement, led by the African People's Socialist Party. Read More...

Rahnda Rize

A work in progress. An eternal optimist. A Lover. A Fighter. A Believer. An Achiever. A Dreamer. A Visionary. An Artist. Passionate. Compassionate. A Friend. A Sister. A Daughter. A Supporter. A Survivor. Determined. Unstoppable. Unfaltering. Fierce. Fly. Ambitious. Audacious. Sacred. A Queen. Goddess. Evolving. Growing. Going. Flying. Above & beyond. Simmering. Soaring. Blooming. Blossoming. Elevating. Ascending. Prospering. Progressing. In my purpose. On Purpose. On the verge of. Making Moves. Timeless. Classic. Brand New. Beautiful. Human Being. Just being. Grown. Coming into her own. Her name is the perfect representation of  her – Cultural, Artistic, Spiritual, Soul     Sista! Read More

DJ Sean Smoove

DJ Sean Smoove started DJing at age 13, in West Philadelphia where he was born and raised. Smoove began DJing under DJ Jazzy Jeff, who mentored him at His Early age. Smoove was the opening DJ at local nightclubs and opened for Headline acts such as Big Daddy Kane and Schooly D. When he wasn’t DJing, Smoove was a dancer on Dancin On Air & Dance Party USA. Read More...

Saeed Abdul-Samad

Saeed Abdul-Samad is the founder and CEO of Africa Rocks Productions. Saeed is an Ethnomusicologist, musician, and lecturer, who has studied West African drumming and rhythms as a private student of Master drummer, Yacub Addy from Ghana West Africa from 1978 -1993. Mr. Addy is the 2010 winner of the National Endowment, American Heritage Award. Saeed has received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Smithsonian Institute as well as recommendations from the Museum of African Art and the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington D.C. 

Karen Smith & Friends

Karen Smith is a Jazz drummer who lives in Philadelphia and performs regularly with her band Weez the Peeples and many other great musicians. Karen is long time friend of the Uhuru Movement and has performed for many African community programs and events. Karen says “I am the 3 "Ps" ...Percussionist, Playwright, Poet and my daily mantra: Possible is Possible!”

Raw Life Crew

Raw Life Crew is a Hip Hop group that was formed by five young members of the MOVE Organization. The majority and basis of the group's lyrical content is politically and conscience driven. Many of the groups views on political and social issues are formed by the injustices from the governmental terror, abuse, imprisonment and murder of their MOVE Family members.
Visit to see more information on the individual members of Raw Life Crew.

KT Terry

KT Terry is a YMCA fitness trainer by day and a soulful sultry singer by night! She will perform from her new CD " Out of the Blue.  Read more...

Eyce Diggi

With a burning passion for entertainment which was recognized at the tender age of 12. Eyce has invested 15 years of her life pursing her dream through partnerships and currently independently. Eyce has shown that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, even when the conditions do not make the process completely easy. A self-taught music producer/ recording engineer, a poet, self-published author, a writer, and a spoken word artist; she has been able to make a name for herself in all fields she has ventured into. Also known as Eyce Diggi, she has steadily grown into a force to reckon with in the artistic/entertainment circle.

Born in South Philadelphia and raised throughout the city, she lived most of her early years in a low-income community in West Philadelphia. Read More...

Yattah Jones

Yattah Jones, born and raised in Brooklyn New York has been dancing and performing for over 20 years. Her training stated in Brooklyn at house parties where she developed a movement style heavily influences by her African and Caribbean roots. In 2002 Jones co-founded and co-led the Rhythm and Beats step Team at George School in Newtown PA which is still a practicing step teams to this day. After receiving her BA in Socialogy from American University located in Washington DC, she continues to teach dance throughout the East Coast. In 2012 Jones began performing with Introspect Movement Project and has recently performed at the Koresh Artist Showcase (2013 & 2014), Performance Garage and the African American Museum. Jones dance credits include Kariamu and Company: Traditions (2013) and Temple University Endings: Jouvert (2014), Camden's Festival of Dance: That Which Connects (2015). In addition to her performance credits Jones is now a licensed Zumba instructor, where she fulfills her hop to motivate people of all ages  and background to develop an appetite for exercise through dance and fitness.

Urban Shaman

The Evolution
The Urban Shamans represents more than just a band. The members, all with their own uniquely identified musical footprints, agree that there is a strategic method to establishing a movement. A movement that is capable of transforming a world community that embraces peace, love, balance, righteousness, and harmony. Read more...

Rasheed Bey

Powerful Revolutionary poet and artist, a longtime activist, and friend of the Uhuru Movement. Rasheed Bey is blind and deaf because he was brutally beaten by the Philadelphia police when he was a young man in the 1970s.

Rhenda Fearrington

Originally from New York, Rhenda Fearrington always delivers an authentic and warm presentation of Jazz Standards mixed with Soulful originals. She is “true” to her roots which includes performing on the International stage as a back-up singer for Roberta Flack and MTUME, respectively! When Rhenda sings, it’s quite evident there’s a story being told…and it begins and ends with Joy! Read More...

Mel the Artist

Melvin Berrian known as “MEL The Artist” was born in Philadelphia July 23, 1994.  He started singing at the age of 5 in church.  Being musically gifted his instrumentation started during his elementary school years playing trombone and drums.  Once he attended middle and high school he became attracted to playing the piano and guitar.  Now his main instrument focus has become the piano, where he was self taught until his freshmen year of college.  Read more...

Authors and Education Resources 

Andre Redmond

Mother Tree is a volume of children's books with valuable lessons. They consist of different stories being told by her to the children in the forest. This particular story is called "The Chosen One." This tale is about an American Indian chief's daughter named Little Flower who must choose between two warriors to marry by the next full moon. The two warriors are so equal in every manner that Little Flower cannot decide which one to choose. This problem soon teaches Little Flower not to judge people by their looks but by the contents of their hearts.
I decided to write a children's book when my daughter was young, she loved it when I would read to her before she went to bed, but sadly I never finished the book. Read more...

Mighty Writers

Our mission is to teach kids to think and write with clarity.
We offer daily afterschool academies, long- and short-term writing classes nights and weekends, teen scholar programs, mentorships, College Prep courses and college essay writing classes.
All our programs are free to Philadelphia students.
Click Here to Watch Video...

Sharai Robbin

"I am a writer. I have always been a writer and there's not much more to it than that. Literacy and education are fundamental parts of who I am and I believe we achieve by application of the knowledge we gain from our experiences.
My goal is to use my education, my experiences and my God-given abilities to inspire and empower other writers to achieve their literary dreams. I get to write for a living, I walk in my passion everyday and I encourage you to live the life you desire by doing what you love." Read More...

Billel El

Eloise Prescod

Eloise Prescott has had a love of reading her entire life.  Growing up in a household where both parents were teachers, she was always surrounded by books and educational materials; so it was no surprise when she helped open a school and teach after college.  She became one of the co-founders of a school which later became known as “The Lotus Academy” in Philadelphia in the early seventies.  Read more...

Michelle Adams 

 I've been writing for as long as I can remember - always about my life experiences. At first I was hesitant to share my work with the world. But once I did and realized my potential, there was no turning back! I wrote Miss Insecure: The Ugly Truth! as I experienced it and finished it in 2006. The controversial autobiographical novel was released January 22, 2014! The novel left many of my supporters with unanswered questions so I released the sequel, Miss Insecure 2: Stranger Than Fiction on April 14, 2015. Both bodies of work deal with issues of self-esteem, domestic violence, bad decisions, and sexual assault to name a few. In 2016, I founded Cascades of Masquerades Publishing to help reveal the true life stories hidden behind the masks we're forced to wear to conform to societal norms. We offer digital and print publishing services, ghostwriting, and editing services. 
I've been an internet radio personality since 2014 with Pure Sound Music Group (PSMG Radio). However,  in March (2017) I began the process of starting my own internet station. I'm currently the owner of Blast100, (formerly Tastyz Palace Radio)."

Nahjee Grant 

 Nahjee Grant is a children's author of 7 picture books, including The Journey of the Cool Smart Kid, Aron's Goes to the White House Science Fair, and Believe in Yourself. He lives in Greater Philadelphia and he is also host of a television reading show for children. His latest release, WHERE DID MY DREAM GO?, is his 7th picture book in 4 years.

Children's Circle

How do we uplift our historically disenfranchised community? We start from the ground and work your way up. What must be nourished in our soil? OUR CHILDREN. 

The Children’s Circle at the Uhuru Flea Market is a safe space intended to promote youth education through the lens of African empowerment. Children’s Circle is designed to bring the fun back into literature and imagination. Children and parents will have opportunities to re-explore the magic of storytelling; with readings of African-centric works constructed from the brilliant minds of our African people. Radical self-love and radical-self expression will be the theme of the day. Youth activities include: yoga, thought-experiments, world building exercises, poetry classes, art and craft projects, face painting, balloon animals and much much more.