Ramona Africa

Ramona Africa is the only living survivor of the the 1985 bombing of the MOVE organization by the Philadelphia police. On May 15,1985 the city of Philadelphia, authorized by then Mayor Wilson Goode, dropped a C-4 bomb on a row house with 13 people inside, all members of the MOVE organization who take the surname Africa. Fire trucks which had been attempting to drown the people out, stood by for an hour and let the fire burn. Eleven MOVE members, including five children, were murdered by police who shot at those trying to flee the burning house. Sixty-five houses were destroyed leaving over 250 neighbors homeless.

To this day, NO city official was convicted of any crime related to the MOVE bombing, They were promoted and their careers were forwarded. The only one involved that day who went to prison was Ramona Africa! Ramona's spirit was never broken and she keeps fighting today to free African political prisoners Mumia Abu Jamal, the MOVE 9 who have been in prison since another police attack on their organization in 1978 and others.

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